Dental Bio-Esthetics

Dental Bio-Esthetics

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Playa del Carmen Dental Tourism; Imagine a city that's just called 'Beach' (Playa). That's what we call Playa del Carmen locally. It's a completely laid back subtropical seaside resort with all the facilities you need, plus that...
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Holistic Dentistry Holistic dentistry is health focused, going beyond fixing tooth problems and considering the level of health people want and the choices they can make to get that level of health. In other words,...


Dental Bio-Esthetics and Dr. Michelle Spears, DDS is one of the foremost leaders in dental cosmetology and dentistry in the Riviera Maya. With nearly 30 years of experience in the cosmetic dentistry field in the U.S. and the Riviera Maya, and with approximately 5000 patients attended to worldwide over her illustrious career, Dr. Michelle Spears with her competent and experienced staff is a proven and dedicated force in her respective field.

Now, Dental Bio-Esthetics has taken the next step…

Dental and Medical Tourism

Dental Bio-Esthetics, along with their steadfast and knowledgeable staff, are now offering totally organized and scheduled dental tourism packages to the U.S., Canadian and worldwide market exclusively. After a brief consultation, via email, telephone or face-to-face Skype, Dr Spears and her staff can now prepare a comprehensive treatment plan, travel and accommodation itinerary, transportation and follow-up care directly from the Dental Bio-Esthetics offices here in the Riviera Maya – Playa Del Carmen. Your new smile is now as easy and an email, a telephone call or a Skype face-to-face meeting. And the best part…

… it’s at a fraction of the price of most North American dental and cosmetology providers.

In addition, Dental Bio-Esthetics has now also, just recently, teamed up with well-respected and much revered plastic surgeon Dr. Ernesto Acosta and can now offer plastic surgery procedures as well. You can be assured that here at Dental Bio-Esthetics, we are committed to your care, safety and comfort. Our doctors, offices, labs and procedure meet and exceed all North American standards. You can be eased that you will receive the highest quality care and attention available. And at the end of your visit here with us, you will not only be delightedly pleased with your results, you will have the smile you always wanted and the attractive look to prove it. And don’t forget, you’ll also have a fantastic vacation for you and your whole family to enjoy… at the same price you pay for just the procedure alone back home. Dental Bio-Esthetics…

We can make you smile again!

We also offer Holistic Dentistry treatment, in which dental procedures are based on a Bio-Compatibility Testing, determining the best non-toxic dental materials for your immune system, so we can use only those dental materials that are safe for your body.

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